Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Joywrite Project

Hello everyone as of today i am starting a joywrite project here is how it works.

You will first recieve and email,blogpost,comment on the internet saying something nice about you and this email.
Next you will copy this send it to 5 other people along with a friendly quote or message that you think this person deserves to brighten
If you do not want to participate please kindly send the email back to the person you recived it from.
The main point about this project is to spread joy around.
Please dont send any emails to strangers only people you are sure you know.
for people of my blog
I have already started the project and am sure it will get to you sometimes, so please wait.
thank you

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

take a  moment to tell your mom you love her evem if you dont have a mom tell someone who is like a mom to you how much you enjoy them and how impotant they are
coment and tell me something nice you did . i made my a card and artwork and gave her breakfast in bread. she loved it so much!!!!!
her are a few mothers day quotes and poems 
hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Superstar Rider

this is a 18 year old from my barn silver meadows
it is great
we have some amazing horses and riders including one who came in 3rd out of 26 WOW!

Here are some of her videos

 her is her channel

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Earth Day Questions

I am going to ask a serise of Questions about are earth i wil answer them and i would love it if you would too. In the coments or just in your head. I just want to get you thinking

What is your favorite thing about nature?

The animals, trees and plants and forgiving beatiful and inspiratinal they are.

What is your favorite thing to do while you are outside in nature?

A: read,write,draw,play and talk with friends . Really just enjoying it as much as i can.

What do you find most inspiratinal about nature ?

How beatiful and inoccent it is and how different it all looks.

What do you do in your community to be eco friendly and kind to nature?

i recycle,compost,garden,turn of lights,dont litter,use reusable containers and try to stay away from packeged food,i reuse,i try not to drive whenevere possible and i teel people (like so )
how amazing and kind nature is and how they can help save it. 

Did you celebrate earth day by having an earth hour or doing something kind to the earth.

Of course, i spent almoust the entire day outside had a earth hour and helped do some gardening and you should to. Save it well we have it.



my earth day poems

The sun curls around 
nested in between there family
branches twisting by there side
wind rusuling trough
every while
some one falls
not to the ground 
but to some place new
to leave on a journey 
every leaf one at at time
every mountain and every brook
every forest and dessert too
spreading seeds for other trees

Russel Russel
in my hair 
birds are flying every where
Beat Beat 
the sun on me 
and the tree 
next to me
Swish Swish
in the bush 
thorny roses on my tosh 
Blow Blow 
says the wind 
goodbye to my kin
Love Love
thank you nature
for you are my greatest neighbor

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Other blogs i share on

her are 2 blogs that i also am part of

A blog about saving the sharks that me and hippo#1 made click here

A blog made about a poetry club at our school with a bunch of my friends click here

Check them out they are sooo cool